Water Needs In Africa

In the Week 4 Challenge we are addressing some global problems in the world. My teacher told me about water needs in Africa so I went and checked it out. It turns out that there are many people in Africa without clean water or any water at all. As Water For Children In Africa explains, “30,000 kids die each year from contaminated water”. 85% or diseases in kids originates from contaminated water. One of many organizations for this cause is Water For Children In Africa. They teach Africans to get the water they need, then teach them what water is safe. So they don’t just give them water that can run out, they teach them how to get their own water. You can help by volunteering or donate some money for drills, wells, and other tools and materials. What will you do?



I am a major football player. I play every day in season and in the offseason. I play QB and practice 3 hours every saturday. I really enjoy football because there is a position for everyone. My favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers and I have been told I play like Ben Roethlisburger. I love to play football and want to play in High-school and Collage, Maybe Pro if I get in. What sport do you play?



In Los Angeles you can get anything. You can go to the beach and get that tropical feeling with palm-trees and soft sand next to the almost never ending ocean. But if you take a drive you can go to downtown and get the city feel with the sunshine. You have a USC and UCLA rivalry all around you, its like it is branded into people which one they support. We have no NFL teams but we have the clippers and lakers in the NBA. For NHL we have the Kings. It has sunshine and not a lot of cold weather, Perfect for all sports. But if you go to the mountains you can get some snow for skiing and snowboarding. There is no other city in the world quite like LA.

Where do you live?

I am From

I am from turf fields and cleats. I am from the new Xbox and Apple. I am from looking on my wall and seeing black and yellow steelers flags and banners. I am from the dark wood dinner table talking with my family. I am from the desk where you could find anything. I am from tv on the family couch until ten. I am from wide shoes and almost giving up on combs and brushes. I am from the transition from paper to iPads. I am from trying to teach my dad Xbox. I am from Super Bowl 43. I am from Russia and Iowa meeting in California. I am from famous music. I am from a lazer builder who went to yale. I am from the Pacific and Atlantic ocean.


I went looking at a few of the other blogs and found some really fun and interesting people.

First I found Ty. He seems like a really athlete that can play any sport that he wants. He plays football, baseball, four-wheeling, and he hunts. He writes well and doesn’t beat around the bush. He lives in Texas. He is a really fun guy from what I’m reading.

Secondly I looked at my friend Scotts blog. He is a fun guy. He is a good friend, gamer, and athlete. He plays music like me and we really enjoy it. He is a strong writer and is very clear. He goes to CCS with me and he is in my class.

Finally I really enjoyed Matt’s blog. He is a nice guy. His writing is strong and to the point. He does not repeat a lot.  He is a serious soccer player but can play any sport he wants. I know he can hit the spots he needs to in soccer because I played with him, luckily he was on my team most of the time.

I was really impresses with the blogs I saw.

Hard Work

Persevering is not quiting when your tired, but working through it to be the best

Hard work means working after you have met the minimum

Now be the hardest working person on your block