I went looking at a few of the other blogs and found some really fun and interesting people.

First I found Ty. He seems like a really athlete that can play any sport that he wants. He plays football, baseball, four-wheeling, and he hunts. He writes well and doesn’t beat around the bush. He lives in Texas. He is a really fun guy from what I’m reading.

Secondly I looked at my friend Scotts blog. He is a fun guy. He is a good friend, gamer, and athlete. He plays music like me and we really enjoy it. He is a strong writer and is very clear. He goes to CCS with me and he is in my class.

Finally I really enjoyed Matt’s blog. He is a nice guy. His writing is strong and to the point. He does not repeat a lot.  He is a serious soccer player but can play any sport he wants. I know he can hit the spots he needs to in soccer because I played with him, luckily he was on my team most of the time.

I was really impresses with the blogs I saw.