In the Week 6 blog challenge they told us to write about what we want to d when we grow up.

When I grow up I want to be an NFL quarterback or a computer designer like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Or I could go into Physics.

My first choice is a computer designer. If I can I want to go to M.I.T. or Cal Tech. I have some ideas for some really useful new innovations for computers. I understand it will take a lot of time and work but I can do that.

My second choice is going into Physics. That would be really nice because I could figure out new things about the universe and the world. I could go to a lot of places for that. That will take a lot of time and training.

My third choice is an NFL quarterback. I could play my favorite sport all the time. I would also get to travel the country. But if I did that I would need to have a backup job incase I get injured. Also because they have short carriers.