Lord Of The Flies


The author of Lord Of The Flies is William Golding. His idea in Lord Of The Flies is reprised in the TV series Lost. He has had success in his other books such as The Spire and many more. Lord Of The Flies has been remade in two different movies. He has won a Nobel prize and the Booker prize. He was knighted by the Queen in 1988. That is a little information on William Golding.

Why I read Lord Of the Flies

I wanted to read Lord Of The Flies for many reasons. One of the things that made me want to red Lord Of The Flies is that my dad read it and said I would like it. I heard that it was about a lot of boys stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean with no adults. When I read the summary I decided that I wanted to read it. I am glad I choose this book because it is a thrilling book about what would really happen if kids were stranded on an island.

I expected it to be action packed and trilling. It was. Every chapter kept you guessing what happens now. It grabs you with every page and keeps you until the end. If I ever had to read it again I would. I would recommend it to every boy and most girls twelve and up. This is one of the best books I ever read.

Ralphs Leadership

Ralph has many qualities but but his dominent one is his leadership. His leader ship showed so strongly that he was voted leader after they fell from the plain. But later in the book all the big kids abandoned him to go to Jack’s tribe and his empire diminished. Even then he kept thinking strategically like a leader and that resulted in his survival. That is why he is a leader.

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